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Our expertise

Creativity is key: our portfolio of skills covers everything from culture to business

Film & Television

Award-winning actors, directors, writers and production designers.


Award-winning actors, directors, writers, choreographers and production designers for theatre, circus and opera, and diverse other events, such as balls and galas. Many of the stage directors we represent are familiar with every genre and platform and travel everywhere in the world to stage musicals, circus spectacles and operas, and other musical events.


Endorsements, media campaigns and brand promotion opportunities generated for our clients in partnership with a leading European branding and media agency.


We promote our authors to foreign markets. Many of them have been translated into various languages and enjoy international reputations for their work across several fiction and non-fiction genres.

Speakers & Events

We offer a range of artists who are conference specialists. These include well-known speakers and experienced stage and event designers.


Skilled, specialized actors who will cover any voiceover project from advertising to TV & radio narration to audiobooks.


Leading composers, from across all musical genres, experienced in writing for film and stage.


No kitchen, no culture! The art of preparing food is a cultural signature that distinguishes one nation from another, raises dishes to classic creations and can transform chefs into media stars. Award-winning TV chef and writer, Josée di Stasio, has been inspiring and raising the culinary game of Canadian kitchen aficionados for many years.